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The Past Resurfaces

This body of work brought together old rusty metal "friends" who have been hanging around my studio for years.
I discovered the incredible properiies of modeling paste partnered with these "friends"
and a new way of working surfaced for me.
All my life I collected antiques because they have a history.
For me, these pieces definitely have a history and I am attempting to give them a voice.
The burning boat was inspired by a beautifil old weathered boat that sat on land in El Charco, San Miguel.
Every Saturday on my silent meditation walks in this area, I admired the way the boat was aging
and had hopes of acquiring the old boards for an art piece.
One day, a fire devastated the area and the boat. I collected some of the remaining wood
and all the old rusted nails to create a piece that paid homage to this decaying beauty.

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