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Journey of the Spirit series speaks to the Oneness of the
Universe and the collective energies that connect all the species on this
planet. The work is influenced by extensive world travel seeking out rituals
of other cultures including those of the Indigenous people of North America
who have always known that man and nature are closely interwoven and inter
dependent. The Spirit of the Trees series was further inspired by a visit to
Sulawesi, Indonesia where personal insights were gained from the ceremony
whereby newborns who died before they had yet received a soul were wrapped in
a blanket and lovingly placed in a trunk of a tree to be reborn.
The Tree pieces are constructions of palm trunks, corks, crab tails, hair,
porcupine quills, seeds and beads. The Spirit of the Sea pieces are
constructed from one month of gathering gifts of the sea that appeared on the
beach each morning.
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The Decline of Patriarchy is depicted with four figures holding their ears.
They didn’t listen.
In Emerging of Matriarchy, the goddess figures are pregnant with hope for a
birth of a brighter future for mankind. There is an Indigenous saying “When
the Grandmother speaks, there will be peace.” Let us all hope this will soon
come to pass.
These two works consist of wood, handmade paper, natural materials from cactus
plants, seeds and beads and hand constructed god and goddess figures.
All of the above work was part of an exhibition "Oneness of Spirit"

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