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Agnes and the Crone -self protrait

The Crone-

The third stage of the Triple Goddess – The Maiden, The Mother, The Crone.

In 2002 The Crone figures were created to honour and celebrate this rite
of passage in my life, the stage of becoming a Crone. There is an Indigenous
saying “When a woman no longer gives her blood back to Mother Earth, it is
retained in her body and transformed into divine wisdom and knowledge.” As
Crones, we speak our minds from this inner wisdom and experience and live
every day with joy and gratitude. The Crone figures like their creator enjoy
throwing on a boa and sunglasses and going out on the town.
In 2005 I approached a shaman in Mexico; showed him my work concerning life,
death and rebirth and asked “why am I creating this work?” I Was informed that
in many lives past I was an Hechicera - a Crone, A Medicine Woman, and a Healer
who had accompanied people to their graves. It felt right.
The Hechicera represent for me the more spiritual aspects of the Crone.
The figures are constructed from wire and paper made from indigenous materials
such as corn wheat and sugar cane. Grasses and beads are an added embellishment.

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