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Letters from Pakistan


Agnes and Dave Olive left their serene vilage of Terra Cotta, Ontario, Canada to live and work for three years in Lahore, Pakistan.  The year was 1984. Dave was contracted to set up curriculum development for the polytechnic colleges. Agnes was invited to be artist-in-residence at the Lahore National College of Art.

Dave's company offered a bonus around the world tickets for six months while bids for the equipment came in. The two lovers of travel could not turn down this offer,.

Letters from Pakistan, One Woman's Odyssey is a compilation of original letters by the author sent to family and friends from 1984 to 87. With humour and perception they chronicle her personal journey as she naively but quickly learns to cope with a restrictive lifestyle and the antics of six servants, including both an indoor and outdoor sweeper and an indispensable driver.

Journey with her into the untamed beauty of northern Pakistan, the crowded, colourful Lahore bazaars, and the male-dominated machinery markets, always chaperoned by driver Qamar
With his assistance she purchased much needed equipment to set up a papermaking studio.
Accompany her to the Lahore brothel district, a place rarely visited by women.

Her rewarding experience of teaching at the Lahore Art College led to an exhibition of her assemblages at the National Art Gallery of Lahore. To her amusement, it was met with both applause and concern that this was difinitely the work of witchcraft.

Original snippets from the local daily paper add to the sensation of sharing an authentic, intimate, and never boring experience.

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Spirit of the Earth


Spirit of the Earth, an artists' retrospecive

Agnes Olive, born Canadian, is a gypsy at heart. She has lived in Lahore Pakistan, Ghana, West Africa and currently in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.

Journey with the Artist as she relates the inspiration for the full page colored photos of her unique creations of 40 years in both raku clay and handmade paper from indigenous materials. Her travels to remote corners of the earth in search of rituals of various cultures are reflected in her artwork often described as Tribal.

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Spirit of the Earth