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Artists Statement

My work focuses on the Journey of the Spirit and is a reflection of my
spiritual practice through yoga, meditation and long meditative walks
communing with nature. It is further inspired by extensive travels and rich
cultural experiences of living in Asia, West Africa, Canada and Mexico.
 In fact, everything that brings me joy is a source of inspiration. I am
intrigued with the rituals and ceremonies of other cultures and much of my
work involves the concept of Life, Death and Rebirth.  While in the process of
putting together a visual presentation entitled “Inspirations” I began to
understand the creative process and how it unfolds, at least for me.  The
presentation consists of slides of textures, structures and rituals that
touched me deeply. They are are juxtaposed with the art pieces I created as a
result of these experiences. I give my total attention to the source of my
inspiration which may be rocks covered with hues of lichen or small shrines in
gardens or temples that appear to be 1000 years old. The feeling, the very
essence is absorbed into my subconscious and there I let it rest. The seed has
been planted. Days, months or years pass and I find myself in my studio not
sure what I will create that day. However, I have shown up and now I mentally
turn down my left brain and step aside. When all is right with the universe,
the heart opens, the hands start to move and the pieces seem to create
themselves. This is truly a spiritual experience and I am grateful.
From 1979 to 1995, I workded exclusively in Raku, creating vessels
that like my work today honored and spoke of ritual and ceremony.
It became apparent to me that all those years I thought I was forming
the clay, the clay was really forming me.
My work continues to be a true reflection of my life, my beliefs and my hopes.