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About the Artist

Agnes Olive is an artist living and working in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.
She is a  graduate of Sheridan College School of Design in Canada and an
Art Therapist with the National Expressive Therapy Association, New York.
Olive worked professionally as a printmaker and raku potter at her studio/gallery in
Terra Cotta, Ontario before moving for three years 1984-7 to Lahore, Pakistan.
A visit to Japan during an eight month hiatus in this period of time
introduced her to the art of papermaking and inspired the setting up of a
paper studio upon her return to Pakistan. She eventually taught papermaking at
the Lahore College of Art and had a one person Exhibition “Ways of Seeing” at
the National Gallery in Lahore in 1987.
Returning to Canada she received a scholarship to the Banff School of the Arts
where she explored working in paper clay; a combination of paper and clay. The
work culminated in an exhibition, an installation called “The Spirit of Many.”
More than 200 participants including students and staff made their personal
marks in clay and for the installation they one by one accompanied by music
composed for the presentation placed them on a candle lit circular altar
constructed by the Artist.
Olive moved to San Miguel in 1996 and set up a papermaking studio. She has
taught paper workshops and exhibited in local galleries. The paper pulp is
made from natural products gathered from the fields and markets and the
moulded forms imbedded into the pieces are paper cast from clay forms
originated by the artist.
Her work has been exhibited nationally and internationally in Europe, Japan,
Asia, the United States and Canada and has been represented in San Miguel de
Allende by Galeria Noir, Galeria Reloj 46,  Galeria Casa Verde and Mero Gallery.
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